October is #PinkPools Month

All new SwimUSA pools manufactured during the month of October will be pink on the outside in support of breast cancer awareness month. 

Pink Pools Month

SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools will be donating 2% of all new pool, spa and tanning ledge purchases for the month of October to Gilda’s Club South Jersey and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Every pool we manufacturer in the month of October will be pink on the outside in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Welcome to SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools

Swim USA Fiberglass Pools is dedicated to manufacturing premium quality inground fiberglass swimming pools.

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Swim USA Pools

Swim USA Pools is a leading inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer whose pools are available through a network of dealers. Contact us at customercare@swimusapools.com or (609) 561-9300 to find a dealer in your area.

Have the comfort of knowing your kids are safe in their own backyard, having fun and staying healthy! Avoid the expenses and headaches of traveling for a getaway – just grab your towel and go! Give your pet a healthy, comfortable place to relax too! Make the most of your home and enjoy every bit of your property, inside and out!

Swim USA Pools Reviews

Studies have shown the benefits of aquatic therapy as it can help to increase your strength and mobility. Swimming also builds up endurance, increases muscular flexibility and balance, and helps the heart muscle become stronger.

Let’s not forget what happens to families when people gather in the backyard. We start to unwind, relax, and enjoy the moment. Backyards are where we can put down technology and enjoy spending time with those we love, or just relax the day away reading a good book.

Your pets will enjoy your backyard pool as much as you will. Fiberglass pools are the preferred choice for pet owners. Whether you want to create a backyard that reflects your personality and style, or one that reminds you of your favorite destination spot, your SwimUSA Pool will be built to last for generations.

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Best Warranty in the Industry

SwimUSA Pools is the ONLY fiberglass pool manufacturer that offers an ALL INCLUSIVE  3-Year surface warranty to cover the pool’s surface.  Other fiberglass manufacturers may have a longer surface warranty; however, the only thing it covers is osmotic blistering. Our warranty also includes protection against HAZING and CLOUDING. In addition, when you upgrade to our Super Shield, your surface warranty extends to 20 Years. Combined with our Lifetime Warranty, this makes the SwimUSA Pools warranty the BEST warranty in the fiberglass pool industry.

Protect your investment. No other fiberglass pool manufacturer covers what we do! 


Quality before Quantity

Our motto at SwimUSA is QUALITY before QUANTITY. We have a different view than most in the pool industry, our EMPHASIS is on the overall experience our customer has from their decision to purchase a pool to the expert installation of the final product.

The new management at SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools doesn’t adversely view our competition, whether a consumer selects a Gunite, Vinyl, or Fiberglass pool our ultimate goal is to provide a high quality fiberglass pool with expert installation. We feel that poorly made pools and incompetent installations are a blemish on the industry; an improperly installed pool or spa hurts everyone not just the consumer.

SwimUSA values the importance of Integrity and professionalism, we are taking the lead in the manufacturing of quality Fiberglass Pools. We constantly test our materials to ensure our product is at the highest industry standard for strength and durability. We EMPHASIZE the importance of constant training to ensure our installers are qualified to properly transport, handle, set, and install your pool or spa. Improperly installed pools can shift, crack, sink or pop over time, improper installation will not only damage the pool shell itself but may also damage the decking and landscaping surrounding your place in the sun.

Our dealers and installers are joined by qualified SwimUSA staff members to ensure your project is carefree from start to finish.

SwimUSA Fiberglass Pools provides the ONLY 3-year WARRANTY in the industry against whitening and hazing of the Gel Coat.

SwimUSA is a manufacturer that takes pride in our qualified dealers, installers and staff. An educated consumer is our best customer!