Ultimate Protection

The best way to keep your NEW pool looking NEW for 20+ years.

There has never been anything quite like Super Shield. It is sprayed on the surface of your new pool after it is built and protects your pool’s surface from harmful UV rays for 20+ years. Super Shield increases the surface warranty of your SwimUSA pool to 20 years.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION  |  The sun can be as harmful to pools as it is to your skin. Protect your investment with Super Shield.

Clean it. Coat it. Forget it.

Super Shield makes maintenance easy. One application stops rust, corrosion, degradation – and keeps everything looking bright and new – for more than 20 years. That’s 20+ years you won’t have to repaint or retouch your pool. Super Shield has been tested by NASA and the US Coast Guard and is available on your SwimUSA pool.

Other Uses For Super Shield

Super Shield can also be used to restore the color of faded fiberglass pools. In addition to fiberglass, it can also be used on aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome, brass, copper, bronze, pewter, glass, wood, tile, concrete, marble, and slate.